Barbra Streisand attends Apollo in the Hamptons at The Creeks on August 16, 2014. 

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My heart would make

Natural sounds

With you my love

The happy sound

Of water on stone

The quiet sound

Of waves on sand

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Funny Girl.

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New Streisand Album to Include Elvis Presley Duet

Guys, the video!!!!

From Barbra’s IG account:

You heard it here first… my new album PARTNERS is coming September 16th, featuring duets with @andreabocelliofficial, @michaelbuble, @babyface, #JasonGould, @joshgroban, #BillyJoel, @johnlegend, @johnmayer, #ElvisPresley, @lionelrichie, @blakeshelton, and #StevieWonder. What an extraordinary collection of talent! 

Who would have thought? Barbra is on Instagram!

Lots of times people come over to me after a show and wanna know if I’m ever nervous. Me nervous? Not really maybe just a little scared to death.

- Barbra Streisand

Behind the scenes of Up the Sandbox.

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Barbra Streisand | The Way We Were

Barbra Streisand & Robert Redford on the set of The Way We Were, 1973.

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Barbra Streisand // London, 1966.

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Barbra Streisand & Frances Brice.

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